I Dream Of A New America : A new book by George Cappannelli
I Dream of A New America  

A Very Relevant Book For These Very Challenging Times!

George Cappannelli, author of Authenticity and Say Yes To Change, is a well-known corporate and political consultant who has worked with presidential and senate candidates, world leaders, a number of Fortune 500 organizations, government agencies, and the people who lead them.

In this hard hitting book he explores how we can:

  • Reclaim our sovereignty and self-governance
  • Revisit our systems of checks and balances
  • Redefine the role of the President and Vice President.
  • Recast the role of the media, and the way we select our candidates
  • Reconsider general strikes and tax revolts as effective democratic tools
  • Regain our sanity in regard to the environment, our children and elders
  • Revitalize our core values and reclaim the moral high ground
I Dream of a New America  
Keys to Reclaiming the Heart & Soul of Our Nation  

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